Vibrant Ceramic forged by fire

Scorched Earth is the only place you’ll find these handcrafted ceramic statement pieces with beautiful patterns and elegant designs. Each charm is carefully hand formed and fired  into creative creations by the talented Petra Carpreau. Time to ignite your style.

Ignite your style with unique fired charms by the talented Petra Carpreau.

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Scorched Earth is

the brainchild of ceramic artist, Petra Carpreau. Located in North Devon, United Kingdom, she carefully curates a wide selection of highly sought-after pendants, earrings, connectors, and other accessories. Each piece tells a tale with bold patterns, unique imagery, and exemplary craftsmanship.

  • Made from ceramic, high fired in extreme heat

  • Each piece is unique, no two pieces are the same

  • Vibrant designs, mythic illustrations & printed images

  • Brings a unique touch to any outfit

  • Elegant designs for any occasion, durable & lightweight

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