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Joan of Arc Decal Bracelet Focal

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A ceramic Joan of Arc bracelet focal.

HAnd formed in Earthstone and high fired. Then fired again with bronze clay and gloss glaze. Applied with decal  and lustre and fired again. Scorched on the back to a rainbow finish.  50mms across and very lightweight. Curved to fit a wrist.

I'll be adding in more designs every month.


Proceeds from the sale of all pieces in this section will go to the Rebuilding Lives UK charity created by Naima Ben-moussa to help survivors of domestic abuse. She aims to create a nationwide network of people working in the building trade and to raise funds for materials, to help people re-build their homes and lives that have been destroyed by abusive ex-partners.

You can find out more about this remarkable young woman on her Facebook page for now, until her website goes live.



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